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PROSPECT families have consented to receiving messages from colleges and universities to learn about the higher education opportunities available to them. With our advanced filtering capabilities, you can save time with lead generation by pinpointing the right students for your institution.

  • Geographic location
  • Median family income and home value
  • SSAT score percentile ranges
  • Religious affiliation
  • Academic, art, athletic, and extracurricular interests
A male student on a college campus,A female student on a college campus.

"The Prospect List gives you lots of bang for your buck, targeting a market that is already looking at independent schools, so that part of the work is already done for you! It's an opportunity to widen the top of your funnel, with dynamic lists that are super easy to filter."

Elizabeth Connelly
Senior Associate Director of Admission
Dana Hall School (MA)
Elizabeth Connelly

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When you purchase the full data set, you’ll gain access to approximately 60,000 private day and boarding school students in the current subscription period. You’ll also receive their parent contact and demographic information and be able to filter candidates by their Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) score percentile range, interests, age, and gender.

Any accredited colleges, universities, and organizations that meet stringent guidelines can purchase PROSPECT. For colleges and universities in the United States, you must be regionally accredited and grant two-year or four-year degrees. Colleges and universities outside the United States must be accredited within their home country and grant two- or four-year degrees.

EMA will vet scholarship programs and similar institutions for participation. For more information or to inquire, please contact the PROSPECT member's office at

Yes. Once EMA has reviewed and approved your institution, you’ll receive a login to the PROSPECT portal. From there, you can see the various buying options, including local, regional, national, international, or all data sets. With each option, you’ll see the number of students available, and you can make your purchases based on what’s best for your institution.

You can upgrade your subscription access within the PROSPECT portal at any time. For example, if you initially purchase regional access, you can later upgrade to national, international, or all students.

You’ll have direct access to student and parent information from your subscription period with unlimited downloads in the PROSPECT portal for four years.

PROSPECT is updated continuously throughout the year in real-time as new families sign up for EMA's services and opt into PROSPECT. You will always have access to the most up-to-date information for your subscription in the PROSPECT portal.

We'll provide you with direct access to the PROSPECT portal, where you'll see the various subscription options. Once you purchase the subscription of your choice, you can access the data as often as you'd like from within the portal. There's also no limit to the number of times you can export and download your subscription data within the four-year access period.

You can pay via credit card within the PROSPECT portal, which will grant you immediate access. To pay via check or by bank-wire, please inquire by emailing us at If you pay via check or bank-wire, there is a short waiting period for the payment to process.

We offer several segmented pricing options so that you only pay for the data you need. It costs $8,000 to purchase international student data, consisting of all students outside of your institution's home country. For U.S. colleges and universities, the international segmentation is approximately 22 percent of all PROSPECT candidates. International students are listed by their parents' home address, and you will have four-year access to these candidates.

We offer several segmented pricing options so that you only pay for the data you need. All of our segmented access options are available in single-sex versions for 50 percent of the original cost, which you'll have access to for four years. The single-sex pricing breakdown is as follows:

  • Local: $2,350
  • Regional: $3,350
  • National: $4,000
  • International: $4,000
  • All Prospects: $7,250

PROSPECT provides a broad range of highly motivated private day and boarding school students with strong aspirations for obtaining a bachelor's degree. These students begin with rising ninth graders, providing your college or university with an early opportunity to cultivate relationships with their families. PROSPECT students also extend throughout all high school grades, including students who have elected to undergo a postgraduate year to better prepare for attending a college or university.

The Enrollment Management Association is a nonprofit organization that provides professional support, advocacy, and strategic enrollment tools to K–12 independent schools. We also administer the Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT), the gold standard of standardized tests for secondary school students. Each year, we provide more than 80,000 SSAT administrations to private and day boarding in the United States, Canada, and abroad.

For any additional questions or to learn more about PROSPECT, please fill out the below form or contact our team at or (609) 436-6128. If you are located outside of the United States, we encourage you to email us, and we’ll set up a time to chat during your country’s business hours.

Parents of students may op-tin and opt out from the service at any time during the year. Pull a new list before each communication to ensure you are excluding families who choose to opt out through EMA's system. Ensure you are sending your email communications to engaged audience!

Remind parents how you got their information. Parent receive a lot of emails and information from various channels. Add a copy on the footer “You are receiving this email as you recently created a student account on”. Helps them join the dots

Focus on smaller groups within the list. Target families that may be most familiar with your school by filtering on location, or narrow in by students interests and profile. This will start a history of emails that are likely to be opened rather than sent to spam. Parents love personalized emails!

Be compliant with US CAN-SPAM act. Provide your prospective families a clear option to opt out from your school communication is critical.

Perform A/B Testing: Test one element at a time, sending two versions of your mailer or email to two separate segments of your list. Determine what gets the most interest and use that going forward. Use descriptive headers and strong call to actions.

Pay attention to your metrics: It’s important to choose which metrics you want to measure against before you send and consistently monitor them with each send so you can track your improvements.

A female student interested in connecting with colleges and universities.

Select the subscription access that best matches your enrollment goals.

PROSPECT's annual subscription model provides All-Access, Local, Regional, National, and International options. Single-gender pricing is also available.

Gain new prospects year-round as students are continuously added in real time, upgrade your subscription access at any point, and retain unlimited access to your subscription data for four years—even if you don't renew!

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PROSPECT subscriptions now include membership in the PROSPECT Partner Program, a new feature to help ensure your success through the experience and support of The Enrollment Management Association (EMA). Become a member today for the value-added benefits of connecting with the creator of the SSAT, the leader in private school recruitment for over 60 years, and a nonprofit organization that supports over 1,300 schools and 80,000 families annually.
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Student Prospect List Success Stories

Elizabeth Connelly
Elizabeth Connelly
Senior Associate Director of Admission
Dana Hall School (MA)

"The Prospect List gives you lots of bang for your buck, targeting a market that is already looking at independent schools, so that part of the work is already done for you! It's an opportunity to widen the top of your funnel, with dynamic lists that are super easy to filter."

“The Student Prospect List is an invaluable part of our recruitment strategy. The access we have gained to pre-qualified leads makes all the difference for us as we recruit new students. Over the last few years, we've realized an average of a 2000% return on our investment in the purchase of the list and recruited some of our most promising students who enrich our community immeasurably.”

Ann L. Snyder
Director of External Affairs
Stuart Hall School (VA)

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