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While higher education enrollment grows increasingly competitive and complex, PROSPECT delivers the best candidate sourcing solution to recruit private school students. Through PROSPECT, your college or university gains the advantage of connecting with high-achieving domestic and international private day and boarding school students—and their parents—beginning with rising ninth graders.

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PROSPECT families have consented to receiving messages from colleges and universities to learn about the higher education opportunities available to them. With our advanced filtering capabilities, you can save time with lead generation by pinpointing the right students for your institution.

Geographic location
Median family income and home value
SSAT score percentile ranges
Religious affiliation
Academic, art, athletic, and extracurricular interests

Learn about the private high schools that PROSPECT students are currently attending.

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PROSPECT By the Numbers

From North America
  • 12% from Asia
  • 2% from Africa
  • 1% from Europe
  • 1% from the Middle East
  • 1% from South America
Interested in STEM Programs
  • 58% interested in the arts
  • 74% interested in athletics
  • 41% interested in community service
Ages 13–14
  • 26% ages 15–16
  • 9% ages 17–20
Students of Faith
  • 54% Christian
  • 11% Hindu
  • 11% Islamic
  • 11% Jewish
  • 10% Buddhist
A female student interested in connecting with colleges and universities.

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