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We offer an extensive calendar of events, webinars and training courses to help you succeed as an independent school enrollment leader.

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Upcoming Live Events

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On-Demand Training Courses

ATI Mini-Course: Interviewing and Assessments

The goal of this ATI mini-course is to provide a snapshot from the full ATI course, with a focus on interviewing and assessments.

AC Post-Con: Financial Aid

October 23
This certificate course is a reissue of our August financial aid course. The goal of this course is to provide information for anyone tasked with financial aid strategy and implementation.

AC Post-Con: Reframing and Leading Diversity Through and Post-COVID-19

December 8 & 9
This online course will provide participants with tools to develop effective diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) Enrollment Management models, messaging, programming, practices, and policies.

AC Post-Con: Digital Marketing

October 28
Due to its popularity this past summer, we are reissuing this hybrid course. This certificate course is for individuals or teams tasked with digital marketing strategy and implementation.

Character Skills Snapshot: Making the Snapshot Work for You

Join us to learn more about The Character Skills Snapshot. You'll learn about how the assessment works, explore how to integrate it into your process, and take a trial assessment yourself. Earn a certificate for completion of this course!

International Schools: Rethinking Admission Due to COVID-19

Rethinking Admission Due to COVID-19 an updated verison of our popular course redesigned specifically for international schools.

Recorded Webinars

Can't attend a live event? Check out our recorded webinars.

EMA Annual Conference 2020

EMA hosted its first digital Annual Conference! If you missed it or would like to access information from the conference again, including recordings and other great information, check out AC20 On-Demand.

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EMA events help you Yield Your Best.

Connect in Person.

Attend exclusive events and trainings, and receive discounts to the EMA Annual Conference, the largest independent school enrollment management conference in the country.

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Enhance Your Skill Set.

EMA’s professional development programs not only help you discover new ways to solve the daily problems you face, but also ensure you’re constantly building your own portfolio of skills.

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Build Stronger Networks.

Connect with a community of peers, gain insights from others in your network, and access specialized thought-leader articles and resources.

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