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EMA members enjoy the following benefits:

EMA is a leader and one-stop resource in the education space providing thought leadership, data, and insights, to enrollment professionals and families.

Assessment Tools

Gold standard assessment, SSAT, and the Character Skills Snapshot help schools establish a holistic view of each applicant.

Enrollment Tools

Powerful enrollment tools help with targeted marketing and make the application process easier for schools and families.

Professional Development

Learn and grow your skills with courses and sessions to help you solve everyday problems and enhance your portfolio.

Industry Research

Get industry and competitive intelligence along with tools created for you to understand and present key trends.

Global Discussion Groups

Explore topics impacting education and enrollment for international schools, students, and families.

Member Community

Ask a question or brainstorm with peers with 24/7 access to the online member forum. Deep dive into trends with the YIELD magazine.

What Our Members Say

"We leverage EMA in various ways. Certainly, we use the SAO and the SSAT. And the daily Member Community emails that come through my inbox early in the morning remind me that the entire school community is thinking through the same questions we are. And it's exciting to have those conversations and know that we're not in this by ourselves. To remind ourselves that we're hundreds and thousands strong is impactful and important, particularly from a professional development opportunity for my staff."

Josh Labove
Josh Labove
Director of Enrollment Management, Kimball Union Academy, NH
Kimball Union Academy (NH)

"Not being an EMA member is not an option. It's where I get so much information, professional development, and support. Every newsletter that goes out, every visit we get from the EMA team, and every resource provided by EMA help us do our job and do it well."

Talia Mullen
Talia Mullen
Director of Admissions, Riverside Presbyterian Day School, Jacksonville, FL
Riverside Presbyterian Day School (FL)

"What brings me to EMA as a member is collaborative professional development. It's the idea that we are all in this together, whether it be data gathering or resource sharing, or professional development; EMA encompasses all those things and allows enrollment management professionals to have a centering of where they're at, both at their school and also at their larger communities."

Keenan Kurihara
Keenan Kurihara
VP of Enrollment Management and Chief Communications Officer, CA
Lasalle College Prep (CA)

"EMA continues to evolve and offers the most relevant programming for enrollment professionals. Through its annual conference, I've been able to add to my toolbox and expand my network."

Nathalio Gray
Nathalio Gray
Assistant Head of School for Mission Advancement, Branson School, CA
Branson School

Reach more students and families, build stronger networks, and make impactful enrollment decisions for your school.

We turn data into insights that inform our tools and resources. Providing schools with the support they need to create transformative education journeys and empower students to forge their unique path to success.

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