John Williamson from EMA's global team presenting in Egypt.

Meet Your Global Partner

As an independent school enrollment leader, you know how difficult it is to make a lasting impact when you lack the support, tools, and decision-making power you need to succeed. That's why we're here.

EMA provides professional support, advocacy, and smart, strategic enrollment tools to the enrollment offices of more than 1,300 independent schools worldwide. EMA members have access to the best enrollment tools, including:

  • The SSAT: the gold-standard admission assessment taken by 53,000+ students each year
  • Recruitment fairs
  • Student Prospect List 
  • Connections to consultants and placement agencies across the globe
  • Webinars and extensive professional development programs are delivered during your working hours (3 PM China Standard Time), and also in-person when our teams visit countries across the world.

No matter what kind of challenges or opportunities your school faces, our international team of experts will meet you where you are in the process and help you move forward.


Professional Development and Enhancing Your Skill Set

Whether you're just starting in admission, a newly appointed or aspiring director, or are a veteran enrollment manager, we have an extensive array of professional development programs to support you, both online and when we visit your school. To view our vast collection of professional development courses and activities:

The EMA global team sitting at a table with admission representatives from The Egyptian Leadership Academy.
Jennifer Davis from EMA's professional development team presenting to enrollment professionals in Egypt.

Thought Leadership and Community

EMA provides you with an encyclopedic collection of videos, webinars, podcasts, and presentations. Our comprehensive set of resources contains significant and far-reaching content by some of the most strategic enrollment minds of our time from across the planet. Make connections with our global community to tackle your most pressing enrollment issues.

EMA Products

EMA membership includes access to a toolkit of world-class enrollment products!

EMA members have access to a wide variety of enrollment solutions such as the SSAT, Character Skills Snapshot, and the Standard Application Online. We also offer Recruitment Fairs, FAM Tours, and the ability to purchase international student prospect lists. 

An international student working on his laptop.
An international boarding school student walking across campus.

Recruitment Fairs, Agent Fairs, and FAM Tours

Our International Recruitment Fairs and agent fairs are designed to deliver extensive networking with students, parents, agents/consultants, as well as overseas enrollment professionals.

Our FAM (Familiarization) Tours are one of the best ways to demonstrate your school's unique programs through a personalized campus visit that provides approximately 15 consultants and agents, from key countries, with a first-hand experience of your school.

EMA operates recruitment events across the globe and FAM Tours throughout the United States and Canada.

Professional Development for International School Enrollment Professionals & Heads

As a head of school or an enrollment professional, you realize that there are a multitude of powerful forces shaping independent school enrollment. From net revenue concerns and fewer tuition capable students, to increasing financial aid requests and enrollment declines, our goal is to help you create a holistic approach to enrollment management built on the latest research and data.

EMA’s one-day Heads & Enrollment Professionals symposium could be a perfect solution for your school as we engage strategic staff in cities across the globe. Similarly, for schools with multiple campuses, our symposiums can be transformative for employees who may not interact with each other on a daily basis due to their locations spanning a city, a country or even around the globe.

For more information on joining one of these important events, review our Professional Development section or contact:

Contact your Global Experts

Dr. Mary O’Connor

Dr. Mary O’Connor

Associate Director of Global Membership & Business Development

Having extensive experience working in international education and higher education in institutions in North America, Asia, Europe, and the Caribbean, Mary joins The Enrollment Management Association as its Associate Director of Global Business. Prior to EMA, she was the Director of External Relations at Cayman International School.

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John Williamson

John Williamson

Director of Global Membership & Business Development

John has spent his entire career working on behalf of schools and students in the international enrollment management arena. Most recently, John was the executive director of Linden Educational Services, where he spent a decade researching new markets for boarding schools across the globe and facilitating strategies, programming, and recruitment tours.

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