Recruit the right-fit students.

Finding, recruiting, and attracting students that best fit your school’s programs doesn’t have to be challenging.

With Student Prospect List, start recruiting prospects today who are actively pursuing independent school education. Advanced segmentation by geography, demographics, desired school type, median household income, SSAT score percentiles—even art, athletic, and extracurricular interests—enables you to find and personalize messaging to the right candidates.

Over 43,000+ students are waiting to learn about your school.

SPL positions admission teams for success through the following:

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Active Candidates

SPL candidates are currently in the process of researching and applying to independent schools. Best of all, they have consented to hear from new schools via SPL.

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Subscription Segmentation

Maximize your recruitment budget by only paying for the candidates that fit your school type through Local, Regional, National, International, and All-Access subscription options. Single-gender school pricing is also available.

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Personalized Messaging

With hundreds of filtering options, SPL makes it easy to segment and personalize messaging based on geographic location, academic interests, religious preferences, arts and athletics, and so much more!

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Ideal for schools with rolling admissions, the Open Seat List curates candidates who are still looking for fall enrollment after the traditional decision period in the spring. The Open Seat List is included with SPL subscriptions or available as a standalone purchase.

Still have unfilled seats after admission deadlines? Don't miss out on potential students. Get EMA's Open Seat List. Find active students and families seeking independent schools. Subscribe to the SPL today!

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See what admission professionals say about Student Prospect List.

“The Prospect List gives you lots of bang for your buck, focused on a market that is already looking at independent schools, so that part of the work is already done for you! It's an opportunity to widen the top of your funnel, with dynamic lists that are super easy to filter."

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Elizabeth Connelly
Senior Associate Director of Admission
Dana Hall School (MA)

Continuously feed your enrollment funnel.

How does Student Prospect List work? 

Candidates actively seeking independent school admission create an account with EMA—either through SSAT, Character Skills Snapshot, or Standard Application Online registration, or via direct sign-up.

During account creation, parents consent to hear from SPL subscribers, providing details such as the type of school they are interested in, religious affiliation, and their student’s academic, art, athletic, and activity interests. 

School admission teams sign into their EMA account to access SPL and curate lists of students who best meet the school type and admission criteria using advanced filters. 

New candidates are added daily in real-time, and the date added filter makes it easy to track new students.

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