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Real-world learning with topics that include Admission & Retention, Analyzing Data, Creating Board Reports & Presentations, Financial Aid, Marketing, and DEI.

30+ courses available.
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Engaging topics led by industry experts

Courses and sessions led by industry experts who’ll break down some of the most complex concepts and challenges facing today’s schools to help you grow your skills while keeping the course simple and engaging.
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Online courses offer the flexibility you need to learn at your own pace—anytime, anywhere. Choose to take all available courses or those that fit your needs and schedule.
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"The Learning Pass is filled with so many amazing hidden gems. Originally we had subscribed to Learning Pass because we were in a state of lockdown, and nobody could travel for professional development. The main reason why I love Learning Pass is because of the small tangible pieces that I can do when I have the time. Anybody in the admissions field can relate to that. Time is precious and few, and far between. So, being able to log in and pick a course, take 30-45 minutes of small sessions, and go back to rewatch it is unique. I had explored other programs, but nothing else had the variety that the Learning Pass has."

Victoria Kimball
Associate Director of Admissions, Keys School, CA
Keys School (CA)
Strategic Enrollment Spectrum

The work of enrollment leaders reaches far beyond admission. Learning Pass courses cover a spectrum of topics, from family engagement and retention to marketing, institutional strategy, tuition & finance, and much more.

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