I’m an
EMA Member
because OF THE opportunity to learn from professionals worldwide
-Torsie Judkins
Head of School
Wingra School

We're Stronger By Association.

Stay connected with a vast network of experts and professionals, get personalized support and leadership development, and receive compelling insights and comprehensive knowledge. EMA addresses your specific needs and advocates for your success.

Our role as member advocates goes beyond advocating for the profession. We advocate for the professionals.

Unmatched value. Unlimited opportunities.

We invite every school professional to see the value of being an EMA member. With EMA as your partner, you can find personalized support at every turn with tools and resources for all of your needs.

EMA is a leader and one-stop resource in the education space providing thought leadership, data, and insights, to enrollment professionals and families.

Annual Conference

Join over 1,100 of your peers for our biggest event each year. Network with your enrollment management colleagues, boost your professional acumen, and get new innovative ideas to elevate your strategic plans in the new academic year ahead.

Annual EMA Symposia
Annual EMA Symposia


Connect with a community of your peers, gain insights from others in your network, and access specialized thought-leader resources on curated topics such as Marketing, Financial Aid, Neurodiversity, and much more.

Tuesday Talks

Free online meet-ups on topics such as Parent Interview Questions, Early Childhood Screening Tools, Using a Rubric to Inform Admission Decisions, How to Best Utilize Google Analytics, AI, and much more.

Spring Regional Enrollment Management Leadership Council (EMLC) Seminars

Get the latest trends, data, and resources for your enrollment strategy with a special focus on topics of interest to the local collaborative, alongside EMA experts and colleagues.

The EMA Online Community
New Tailored Discussion Groups

Our Online Community makes engaging with experts across the enrollment spectrum easy. Learn new skills, expand your network, get your questions answered, find inspiration, or view archived chat for quick reference.

Learning Pass

Access expert-led online courses that help you grow your skills and empower you to achieve professional and enrollment success.

Annual Custom Research

Stay informed with the latest industry trends and gain valuable competitive intelligence with our flagship Yield magazine and reports such as the Cost Per Enrollment Study, Effects of COVID-19 on Educational Outcomes, The Ride, and more. These reports can help you stay up to date and present key insights to your team.

Data Dashboards

Real-time data points, as well as historical data trends, help you operationalize information. Download reports for your board, and visualize SAO and SSAT test-taker trends and year-over-year performance.

EMA's flagship research which provides a snapshot of our industry approximately every three years. The 2023 update features an all-new data dashboard allowing you to filter, customize, and explore trends by region, school size, salary, race, and more.

The Gold Standard SSAT

An equitable way to assess applicants regardless of their background or experience. It is an objective measure to reduce inherent biases and predicts first year student success.

Character Skills Snapshot

Our innovative noncognitive assessment and the ideal complement to the SSAT, the Snapshot fills the gaps for who a candidate is and what they know.

Standard Application Online

Serving 55,000 applications to participating schools annually with representation from 25+ access organizations, including A Better Chance (ABC), Inspiring Young Minds, and more.


Customized SSAT score reports of currently enrolled students to help you establish a baseline for comparing incoming applicant scores.

A designated space for Marketing and Communications professionals to connect and engage in stimulating conversations, share innovative ideas, and access archived chats for quick and convenient reference.

Student Prospect List

Gives you access to 43,000+ qualified students who have expressed their interest in independent schools.

Admission.org School Search

Reach those seeking enrollment in independent schools through our school search and streamline the application process with the Standard Application Online (SAO). Last admission season, Admission.org received over 310,000 visitors from 220 countries, with 40% of new users coming through Google search. SAO was the most-visited page, receiving 37% of all site traffic.

New and bespoke virtual and in-person programming for those serving as your school's Marketing and Communication leaders.

Global Student Recruitment and Agent Events

Our fall and spring International Recruitment Fairs and Agent Events are designed to deliver extensive networking with students, parents, agents/consultants, as well as overseas enrollment professionals. Our fairs ensure that you reach families that meet your academic acumen and have the means to attend an independent school with boarding or homestay options.

2024-2025 Membership Dues

Membership Fees

Students Enrolled

$2,600 USD
Tier A 2000+ Students
$2,350 USD
Tier B 1000-1999
$2,200 USD
Tier C 800-999
$1,680 USD
Tier D 500-799
$1,420 USD
Tier E 300-499
$1,100 USD
Tier F 100-299
$820 USD
Tier G <100
$820 USD
Ed Consultant/CBO
$900 USD

Your membership now includes:

Learning Pass (a  $2,999/yr value for your entire school)
Access to two EMA Online Symposia (a $295/yr per person value)

2024-2025 Membership Pricing

Effective May 1, 2024

Annual Membership

Students Enrolled

$2,600 USD
$2,350 USD
$2,200 USD
$1,680 USD
$1,420 USD
$1,100 USD
$820 USD
$900 USD
International Schools (Outside the US & Canada)
$820 USD
Ed Consultant/CBO
now includes:

Recordings included for those who register!

Unmatched value. Unlimited opportunities.

Beyond belonging to a diverse network of 1,200+ colleagues, your EMA membership packs more than $30,000 worth of value into an annual fee that is one of the most economical in the industry.

Gold-Standard Assessments such as the SSAT and the Character Skills Snapshot.

Powerful Enrollment Tools including the Standard Application Online and Student Prospect Lists.

Admission Leadership Council (ALC) Roundtables & Seminars that spark ideas and encourage collaboration.

Professional Development provides both online and in-person, to help you solve daily problems and build your portfolio of skills.

Special Reports that provide essential industry and competitive intelligence.

Data Dashboards simplify real-time data points and help you operationalize information.

Learning Pass for online courses at member-exclusive pricing. Enroll in all or choose a specific track for your needs.

Member Meetups that put you in the best company for growing your expertise.

24/7 Member Community is a vibrant network that offers insights and industry connections.

Member Pricing for professional development events and trainings, including EMA’s Annual Conference.

The Yield is an in-depth quarterly magazine only available to EMA members.

EMA Expertise & Support from association professionals whose mission is to provide you with unparalleled leadership and service.

I’m an
EMA Member
because OF
THE drive
to do better
-Annie Parkhomenko
Admissions Officer
Ridley College
(ON, Canada)

"There are many reasons to be a member of EMA, many of which we still need to explore fully. The learning opportunities are what I value the most as a member. And all the other services inspire you as a professional in this field. Knowledge is good, and you can get it in many different places, but the desire to make a change and do something differently and better is what the membership does for me. There are also a lot of resources, strategies, worksheets, and internal systems that we can leverage that are super valuable as well."

Renewal for 2024-2025 period

Opens May 1, 2024


Log into your Member Access Portal (MAP).


Update your school information and select the products and services to add to your enrollment toolkit.


Pay your annual membership fee.

I’m an
EMA Member
because it is the organization dedicated to Enrollment Professionals
-Joshua Labove
Director of Enrollment Management
Kimball Union Academy

"It is an organization dedicated to advancing the work that we do and connecting us, putting us more central in the work of leading schools. EMA benefits our entire admissions practice and our entire admissions office. We can benefit from professional development and conversations in the membership community [open forum]. And I am an EMA member because of the access to programs like the SAO and the SSAT."

You help students navigate their unique paths to success.

We help you navigate yours.

Member schools, educational consultants, CBOs, and 80,000+ families leverage EMA's services and expertise annually.
Standard Applications Online (SAO) submitted since 2005.
SSATs have been taken globally in the last 10 years.
I’m an
EMA Member
because i resonate with the mission of this community
-Nija Majmudar Meyer
Vice President for Enrollment Management
Woodward Academy

"I am an EMA member because I embrace the concept of enrollment management. And I remember the first [EMA] conference in 2015, and they were explaining the difference between admissions and enrollment management. I came from a different background, so I wasn't aware of everything enrollment entailed. When I heard the value proposition and the missions and objectives of EMA, I resonated with them deeply. We are so much more than admissions. We have to think about the journey every step of the way—from the first time a family sets foot on our campus to their experience as a current family, to graduation, and even beyond. So when I heard that EMA allows us to embrace this concept, I said, 'This is where I want to be a member.'"