Do applications have to be completed for our school to view them?

Standard Application Online (SAO)
April 17, 2024
September 19, 2021

SAO delivers applications as soon as the biographic profile section is submitted with your school application fees. An application does not have to be complete to be submitted and delivered to your MAP. 

In addition, SAO offers schools a functionality to view and track their potential applicants. Potential applicants are those who have not yet submitted a formal application to your school but have demonstrated an interest in your school by consenting to share their basic profile information to engage with your school during the applicant process. SAO delivers the list of potential applicants in real time as soon as they consent to share their basic profile information. You can track the progress of these potential applicants and how far they are in the application process. You can download the data in CSV to reach out and provide assistance to formal applicants.

Potential applicants may choose not to share basic application information. They show up as anonymous so you can still see how many families have added your schools to their SAO dashboard.

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