Can I copy, edit, or delete a published application?


The COPY function creates a duplicate application. If you choose to copy an application setup, make sure that you resolve the duplication by making it unique as the system will not allow you to have two exact applications. We recommend that you make a copy of the supplement form to make edits as we want to make sure that none of your edits are overwritten on your initial copy. Select “copy” next to the form desired and begin to edit the new copy.


EDIT allows you to enter a pre-existing application and make changes. Because students may have already accessed the application, you cannot edit deadline dates, event dates, form and component requirements. However, you may add an event, add additional information to interview requirements, add additional financial aid information, and add or update special instructions. Therefore, it is critical that you double check your application before publishing to avoid needing to edit anything.


Because students may have already used a published application, it is not possible to delete a published application. You can use DELETE to delete an application that is not published.

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