Can I filter my lists?

Student Prospect List (SPL)
August 20, 2023
September 19, 2021

SPL is available for outreach by Local (students within 25 miles), Regional (within 150 miles), National (All domestic students), International, and All (including domestic and international).

This allows you to build a targeted list of student prospects and fill your enrollment funnel with best-fit new applicants. 

You can always filter the SPL by demographics preference, e.g., location, gender, ethnicities as well as grade and Boarding/Day/Online.

The advanced filtering capabilities  offer the ability to segment the  list by  students’ Interests and Activities, Median Family Income and/or Median Home Value and SSAT percentile score ranges. 

In addition to the demographic and academic filters, SPL includes a late admission prospecting filter called "Actively Looking."  This filter is available in April each year after the traditional admission period passed so that schools can identify families and students who are still actively looking for placement.

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