How do I access The Snapshot results?

Character Skills Snapshot
August 20, 2023
September 20, 2021

Your school must Opt-In to receive The Snaphot results and when parents/guardians select your school to receive the report. This is similar to SSAT score reports, so be sure to tell families you want to receive The Snapshot reports.

Within your organization, depending on the role of the individual, there may be different access to The Snapshot reports.  For example:


  • Placement professionals working in schools that have opted to receive Snapshot reports may be designated by parents/guardians as Snapshot report recipients.
  • Advisors and those working in a school or organization that have NOT opted to receive Snapshot reports must request that parents share their results (parents can download and send a PDF of The Snapshot report).
  • Reports will appear on a school's Member Access Portal (MAP), just as SSAT scores do (see below for instructions for accessing Snapshot reports).
  • Reports are provided to parents approximately two weeks following Snapshot completion (see below for the report release dates).

Click HERE for step by step instructions to receive Snapshot results. 

Schools are required to sign a Fair Use Agreement prior to agreeing to accept Snapshot reports.

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