How do I complete Post-Test Processing: Honoraria?

The Test Center Administrator can complete Post-Test Processing: Honoraria on the Member Access Portal (MAP). Follow the steps below:

  • Log into the Member Access Portal
  • Select SSAT Testing 
  • Select your Test Center name Expand your Test Center and click Post Test Processing tab 
  • Click the expand icon next to the test date, scroll down, and click Honoraria 
  • Note: All Proctors must submit their Proctor Agreement before administering the test and before honoraria can be paid. The total amount payable is listed at the top. You will determine how this total will be distributed between yourself, the administrator, and any proctors.
  • If there are any students testing with Testing Accommodations, enter the total number of rooms used and the total number of accommodations students. The additional honoraria for accommodations will be added to your total. 
  • Enter the amount to be paid to the proctor. Select the proctor’s name from the Select a Proctor drop-down menu. 
  • Click Add and repeat this process for any remaining proctors. 
  • Make sure all Honoraria is distributed; confirm you have allocated the full honoraria to the proctors. 
  • Check off the Certify box and click Finalize Honoraria. 
  • Remember to Complete All Other Post Test Processing Forms

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