How do I edit or add a new contact?

A MAP Administrator can edit or add a new contact on the Member Access Portal (MAP). Follow the steps below:

  • Log into the Member Access Portal
  • On the top right, select Manage Users
  • Review current contacts, please be sure each contact has a title, job function, and role.
  • Delete current contacts: it is important to delete contacts that may no longer be employed at your school/organization,  so they do have access to your SSAT data.  Click Delete in the row of the specific user to remove them from your contacts.
  • Once deleted, the user will no longer be able to access your portal.
  • Edit current contacts, If information has changed for a contact, click Edit to update.
  • Note: emails cannot be changed. A new account needs to established instead.
  • Add new contact, If someone is not on the contact list, click Add New Contact to establish their account.
  • Note: an email will be sent to the contact to create a password for their account. Once create they will have access to the MAP.
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