How do I Schedule a Closed Flex Test?

The Test Center Administrator can schedule a Closed Flex Test on the Member Access Portal (MAP). Follow the steps below:

  • Log into the Member Access Portal
  • Select SSAT Testing 
  • Select your Test Center name & click Schedule a Test
  • Set Test Details-Select test type as Flex, select Exam Level, and indicate Closed Flex.  
  • Indicate the number of test materials that will be needed or chose “I have enough materials” if you have On-Hand Flex materials
  • Select a test date
  • Select the test administrator 
  • If you are willing to accept students with accommodations, check off the box
  • Enter in capacities for accommodations seats and general seats
  • Include any special instructions (ie. check-in time, parking, etc.)
  • Confirm your shipping address
  • Click Submit
  • Review the confirmation to ensure everything is correct. If you made an error, click Delete Test and schedule the test again.
  • Make note of the access code so you can provide it to test takers.  Test takers will only be able to register for this test if they have the access code.

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