SAO Advisory Committee

In 2016-2017, we undertook an exciting project at The Enrollment Management Association — the redesign/rebuild of the Standard Application Online (SAO). Over the past number of years we have collected a tremendous amount of user feedback on the SAO and have adjusted functionality to meet the needs of our users.

As we look to the future, we know there are many more things we can do to enhance the SAO and have enlisted help from member schools representing a variety of geographical, technical, and enrollment viewpoints. These members are familiar with the tool, have consistently used the application, and offer unique insights into the wants and needs of school users. The following people served on our advisor board during the redesign of the SAO and continue to offer insight and feedback to ensure the application is meeting the needs of our schools.

  • Jeanette Woo Chitjian, Director of Enrollment Management, Marlborough School (CA)
  • Jon Deveaux, Dean of Admissions and Enrollment Management, Westminster School (CT)
  • Scott Duddy, Associate Director of Secondary School Counseling, Fessenden School (MA)
  • Tom Eccleston, Assistant Headmaster for Enrollment Management, Hill School (PA)
  • Scott Eckstine, Director of Admission, Solebury School (PA)
  • Peter Frew, Director of Admissions, The Taft School (CT)
  • Peter Gilbert, Director of Admissions, Salisbury School (CT)
  • Kila McCann, Director of Admission & Financial Aid, Fountain Valley School (CO)
  • Quentin McDowell, Assistant Head of School for Enrollment, Mercersburg School (PA)
  • Steve Milich, Director of Admission and Financial Aid, The Buckley School (CA)
  • Victoria Muradi, Director of Admissions & Financial Aid, Durham Academy (NC)
  • Lynn Petrillo, Dean of Enrollment Loomis, Chaffee School (CT)
  • Lindsey Ratliff, Director of Admission and Financial Aid, Kimball Union Academy (NH)
  • Will Richardson, Director of Admission, Lawrenceville School (NJ)
  • Jim Rieder, Head of Admissions, West Island College (AB)
  • Sarah Rowland, Director, Admissions & Financial Aid, Gill St. Bernards (NJ)
  • Fran Ryan, Assistant Headmaster & Director of Secondary School Placement and Financial Aid, Rumsey Hall School (CT)
  • Tom Sheppard, Dean of Enrollment Management, Lawrenceville School (NJ)
  • Bethanne Stish, Admission Systems Manager, Madeira School (VA)
  • Laurel Baker Tew, Chief Enrollment Officer, Viewpoint School (CA)
  • Christine Thornton, Associate Director of Admissions, Marlborough School (CA)

Staff members:

  • Sunaina Khanna, Product Manager, SAO and Membership Tools, The Enrollment Management Association

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