Does the SAO operate in real time?

Standard Application Online (SAO)
August 20, 2023
September 19, 2021

The SAO system operates in real time—meaning both the member and student portals are updated the moment application components are submitted. Once the student submits their Biographical Profile to a specific school, that application is considered submitted. From there, any completed and submitted form is delivered in real time to the school's Member Access Portal for viewing or printing. Students, as well, can instantly see that the recommendation form was submitted; however, they cannot view the forms. 

Schools are encouraged to view and access the system as often as necessary during the busy admission season to track and manage incoming and existing applications.

Schools that use the API integrations with partner systems might experience a delay in receiving submissions and updates as the partner integrations run on a schedule. Rest assured, any new applications and updates are all delivered through our APIs at the same time as the portal.

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