How does the SAO work with Community Based Organizations (CBOs)?

Any EMA member Access Organization can enroll to participate in the CBO program. The process is simple:

1. Login to the Member Access Portal (

2. Navigate to the Applicants tab and select Application Set up from the dropdown menu.

3. Opt-in to participate in the program. Your opt-in will automatically create an application setup that will allow the student you work with to designate you as their application advisor and start working on various standard forms and components while you track and advise the right fit schools to them.

Once the student designates you as their CBO advisor, you can start viewing their progress, add, and submit applications on their behalf. The CBO program automatically uses fee waivers to submit so you do not have to request SAO fee waivers from each school individually.

In addition to the CBO advisor functionality, SAO supports schools to accept SAO exclusively for the CBO program. Several of our member schools (Choate Rosemary Hall (CT), St. Andrew’s School (DE), and St. Paul’s School (NH)) have elected to opt-in, and have seen increased applications from Access Organization students.

If a school wants applicants from CBOs only it has the option to make this selection while setting up the application. If you would like all students, including those with CBOs, you can choose to allow all students to access the application.

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