Do I have to set up my SAO again for each school year?

Standard Application Online (SAO)
August 20, 2023
September 19, 2021

It is important that you set up your application each year, but you do not have to reinvent the wheel. If you have an application from last year, you can copy and use it as a starting point. For this, simply click on the Copy button to the right of the setup.

         (1) Review the year, grades, residential type, student type, application fees so that they are accurate for the new setup

          (2) Review the form and recommendation requirements  

          (3) Review your deadlines and other important event dates

Once you are satisfied with your review, go ahead and Publish the setup. This will create a new setup for the year that the families will be able to use instantaneously. Please note, your application from last year can remain active, along with the application for the new school year.

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