Does the SAO help with setting up interviews?

Standard Application Online (SAO)
August 20, 2023
September 19, 2021

At this time, the SAO is not integrated with an interview scheduler. The set up functionality allows you to let the students know that your school requires an interview as part of the application process. You can include the instructions on how to schedule or via the instructions box related to the interview prompt on your set up.

SAO allows schools to set up their Vericant Interview requirements as part of the SAO set up process. You can set your requirements by grade, student type (domestic/international), and by location (specific country). Again, this will allow the student to know about the requirement and link them to the Vericant website. However, SAO does not track whether the application is scheduled or completed. Students and schools are expected to track those via the Vericant website.

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