How do I discuss Snapshot results with families?

Character Skills Snapshot
August 20, 2023
September 20, 2021

Perhaps the most important thing to emphasize with families is that the Character Skills Snapshot is just one element in a holistic view of each student that informs the school relative to admissions and curriculum.

The Snapshot gives admission teams richer information and illuminates areas where their schools can help children grow, thrive, and shine. The Snapshot is not intended to be used alone to make an admission decision, but rather to complement other information required as a part of the application process, including SSAT test scores, interviews, grades, letters of recommendation, etc.

We have written resources that you can use to communicate about The Snapshot with your families plus feedback from schools on how they have used The Snapshot resources and the benefit to their school at /telling-families-about-the-character-skills-Snapshot 

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