What Snapshot Reports are available?

Character Skills Snapshot
August 20, 2023
September 20, 2021

Member schools utilizing The Character Skills Snapshot will receive reports from those parents/guardians, who select them as report recipients, similar to SSAT score reporting. A parent/guardian must choose to send Snapshot reports to a school. Reports will appear on a school's Member Access Portal (MAP), just as SSAT scores do.

Placement professionals working in schools that have opted to receive Snapshot reports may be designated by parents/guardians as Snapshot report recipients. Advisors and those working in a school or organization that have NOT opted to receive Snapshot reports must request that parents share their results (parents can download and send a PDF of The Snapshot report).

Reports will appear on your Member Access Portal (MAP), just like SSAT scores. Reports are provided to parents approximately two weeks following The Snapshot  completion.  

The report will show a student's results in each of the seven character skills as:

  • Emerging - Compared to their peer group, the student's results fell below the 25th percentile. This doesn't mean that the student lacks the skill, but rather when choosing statements "most like themselves" they indicated a preference toward other skills.
  • Developing - The students' results fell at or above the 25th percentile and below the 75th percentile.
  • Demonstrating - The student's results fell at or above the 75th percentile.  

Results are valid through July 31st of the testing season.  

Admission offices should use the information provided from The Character Skills Snapshot to complement other information required as a part of the application process, including SSAT test scores, interviews, grades, or letters of recommendation. The Character Skills Snapshot is not intended and should not be used alone to make an admission decision. We request that you discuss the use of The Snapshot in your admission process with inquiring families, as each school will use the results in their own way.

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