Why do I want to use the SAO?

There are many advantages to your school and your applicants when using the SAO including:

  • Increased Applications - There is an average 20% growth in applications for schools that fully adopt the SAO in their admission processes.
  • Simple Setup - SAO setup takes less than 20 minutes! Schools can customize application components and immediately receive submitted applications and pre-applications from students who have demonstrated interest in your school.
  • Ease of Use - Our cloud-based SAO solution operates in real-time and allows schools and families to access information anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Seamless Data Integration - The SAO’s partnership with leading enrollment management solution providers allows for smooth integration with schools’ databases.
  • Superior User Support - EMA operates a full-time customer service center to support families (via phone, live chat, and email). EMA also provides training and instructions to support EMA member schools.
  • Expanded Access - EMA’s Community-Based Organization (CBO) program combines the SAO and the application fee waiver process to provide students and access organizations with a simple, one-stop option.
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