What is a Flex test?

A Flex test is a paper-based SSAT administered on any non-Standard date of the testing year that has been set up to flexibly support student testing with a member school or educational consultant.

Students at all testing levels are allowed to take one Flex test per testing year (August 1, 2023– July 21, 2024).

Flex tests may be given by member schools or approved educational consultants. If you need to take a Flex test, ask the school to which you are applying if they provide Flex testing, or use the "Flex Test With Consultant" tab on the SSAT Test Center Search.

Learn more about Flex Testing at https://www.ssat.org/pages/what-is-a-flex-test. 

Please note: There is an additional administrative fee associated with Flex testing with educational consultants. Please check with your educational consultant before testing to determine their fee structure.

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