What is the Student Prospect Lists (SPL)?

Student Prospect List (SPL)
August 20, 2023
September 19, 2021

Student Prospect Lists (SPL) is an active list of prospective students who have shown interest in independent schools by creating an account on SSAT.org and have opted-in to share their information with schools. The list dynamically grows through the year and typically includes more than 40,000 students every year. SPL supports all stages of your enrollment efforts — whether you’re looking for more applicants or the just-right applicants.

Student Prospect Lists are continually being updated with families who are still looking for a school after traditional admission deadlines have passed. This means you can easily build a targeted list of potential families to approach for late admission and to fill seats for the upcoming year. It also allows you to target qualified late admission students who have registered for or taken the SSAT, filled out the Snapshot, or created a Standard Application Online.

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