Where are the product logos or badges for the SSAT, SAO, and The Snapshot?

August 20, 2023
January 25, 2022

EMA's official product badges are image graphics that schools and organizations can place on their websites to link families to the SSAT, SSAT test centers, Character Skills Snapshot, and Standard Application Online (SAO). Click on the images below to download a .zip file containing a collection of badge options for each service. Recommended links are also included.

Character Skills Snapshot

A graphic for the Character Skills Snapshot.

Link: Learn about the Character Skills Snapshot.

Link: Register for the Character Skills Snapshot.

Standard Application Online

A graphic for the Standard Application Online.

Link: Learn about the Standard Application Online.

Link: Register for the Standard Application Online.


A graphic for the SSAT.

Link: Learn about the SSAT.

Link: Register for the SSAT.

SSAT Test Centers

A graphic for SSAT text centers.

Link: Find an SSAT test center.

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