Why do I want to use the SSAT?

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August 20, 2023
September 20, 2021

Without a reliable assessment of cognitive skills, it is impossible to compare applicants from a variety of diverse backgrounds. EMA administers The SSAT to more than 70,000 candidates each year. 


Our testing experts continually monitor The SSAT to ensure it remains:

  • Relevant:  The SSAT is written and reviewed by independent school educators and content and testing experts. Every question goes through a rigorous standardized process of validation.


  • Reliable: The SSAT’s scaled score reliability is higher than .90 (out of a possible 1.0) for both the verbal and quantitative sections and is approaching .90 for the reading section.


  • Accessible:  EMA offers millions of dollars in fee waivers for the SSAT, The Character Skills Snapshot, and the Student Application Online each year for students in need who are seeking educational opportunities with our member schools.

  • Secure: The processes and procedures for the SSAT’s administration are the same for every student at test sites around the world.
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