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Our programs not only help you discover new solutions to your tactical and strategic problems but also ensure you're growing as a leader. Ready to connect to the most dynamic and engaging community of enrollment leaders anywhere?

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Whether you're just starting out in admission, are a newly appointed or aspiring director, or are a veteran enrollment manager, we have a professional development program to support you.



As schools across the world are dealing with the ongoing effects of COVID-19, we're continuing to support you with resources, insights, and tools to make your job easier.
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In-Person Event

EMA Annual Conference

Secure an All-Access Pass for your entire school for the price of one registration.
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AC 2020 Pre-Conference

Admission Training Institute (ATI)

Equipping those new to admission (0–3 years).
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AC 2020 Pre-Conference

Admission Directors Institute (ADI)

Equipping new admission directors (0–3 years) who have prior admission experience.
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AC 2020 Pre-Conference

Future Leaders

Serving assistant and associate directors of admission who have 3 years of experience working in an independent school.
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AC 2020 Pre-Conference

Financial Aid Workshop

Financial aid is usually the second largest line item on a school's budget, which is why we developed a workshop to help you succeed.
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AC 2020 Pre-Conference

Marketing Workshop

Discover new ways to solve the daily problems you face, but also ensure you’re constantly building your own portfolio of skills.
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Online Course

Training Courses

Stay sharp and invest in yourself with online courses that teach you the latest enrollment management trends from leading experts.
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Online Regional Events

Admission Leadership Council (ALC)

Our ALC members offer a set of regional seminars each year to bring admission trends to you.
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Online Course

Heads Institute

The EMA Heads Institute is transitioning to an online course for 2020.Our team of experts can support you and your team during this critical moment. You don't have to do it alone — we're here for you.
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Online Course

Future of Financial Aid

EMA and NBOA have partnered to understand issues of affordability in PK–12 independent schools. Together we're putting a spotlight on innovations underway at schools addressing these challenges.
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Onsite & Virtual Training

Do you need support working with your board? Interested in learning about the latest industry best practices? Need a refresher on EMA’s products? We can help.
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MAP & Services Training

Your Member Access Portal (MAP) is a vital part of your Enrollment Management Association membership services. Use these resources to get the most out of the portal's features.
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Mentorship Initiative

Whether you have just started in admission or have a few years under your belt, you may find the admission office to be a challenging and sometimes isolated place.
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The Erdmann Institute

Created to fill a noticeable void in opportunities for mid-career and director level independent school enrollment managers, this organization advances knowledge, skill, leadership, and community.
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Online Certification

USC Certificate Program

EMA and the USC Rossier School of Education have partnered for the fourth year in a row to offer an online certificate program for independent school enrollment leaders.
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Past Award Winners

Each year at the Annual Conference, outstanding admission professionals are recognized by the organization for their leadership, commitment and contributions. The winners of the Bretnall, Gourley and Hull Maynard Presidential awards are listed chronologically.
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More than 3,700 admission professionals

attend our in-person training, events, and conferences each year.

On-Demand Courses

Character Skills Snapshot: Making the Snapshot Work for You

Join us to learn more about The Character Skills Snapshot. You'll learn about how the assessment works, explore how to integrate it into your process, and take a trial assessment yourself. Earn a certificate for completion of this course!

International Schools: Rethinking Admission Due to COVID-19

Rethinking Admission Due to COVID-19 an updated verison of our popular course redesigned specifically for international schools.

AC Pre-Con: Future Leaders

September 13–18
A pre-conference course for admission associates who aspire to an admission director position.

AC Pre-Con: Admission Training Institute

September 15 – 18
A pre-conference course for new or early career admission associates.

AC Pre-Con: Admission Directors Institute

September 14–18
A pre-conference course for new or early career directors of admission.

AC Pre-Con: Path to Headship

August 3-4
A pre-conference course for senior admission leaders who aspire to a headship.

AC Pre-Con: Secondary School Counselors

September 14–16
A pre-conference course for secondary school counselors.

AC Pre-Con: Digital Marketing

August 10-14
A pre-conference course for anyone tasked with digital marketing strategy and implementation.

AC Pre-Con: Financial Aid

August 10-14
A pre-conference course for anyone tasked with financial aid strategy and implementation.

Reimagine Enrollment Due to COVID-19: Ongoing Cohort

Included for free with purchase of All-Access Pass for EMA's Annual Conference. Whether you are a seasoned enrollment leader or you’re new to the field, one thing is certain: the fall 2020 enrollment season won’t look like anything we’ve seen before.

Financial Aid Training Series

Leading financial aid experts teach you and your team about financial aid strategy, using it as an enrollment tool, modeling, and much more!

"Being part of this organization changed my career path. It enriches what we do every day. Networking and learning from one another is a big piece of belonging to this group. Being part of this association helps all admissions pros make informed decisions in doing what's right for our schools individually and as a whole."

Janie Beck
Director of Admission
The Lovett School (GA)
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