Christian Donovan, a Future Leaders advisor, leading a group discussion.

Grow admissions—and your career.

At a time of unprecedented enrollment challenges and opportunities for independent schools, experienced admission officers must expand their knowledge and enhance their skills. Nurturing future leaders is essential to the enrollment health of our schools.

Held in-person at EMA's Annual Conference, the Future Leaders program blends expert instruction with small-group exercises to propel assistant and associate admission directors with at least three years of experience upward. Additionally, an individualized mentor/mentee program is established which continues beyond the conference with check-ins and programming throughout the year.

Curriculum Overview

  • Career Mapping
  • Industry Trends
  • Strategic Enrollment Management
  • Financial Aid

Two future leaders attendees conversing in a small group break-out.
“A very supportive and inspiring event to attend. I came back not only with new ideas, but a support group and a renewed confidence that I really got this. This is the perfect professional development opportunity for admission folks standing in the middle of the professional ladder."
— A 2021 Future Leader participant