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Director of Global Membership & Business Development
John has spent his entire career working on behalf of schools and students in the international enrollment management arena. Most recently, John was the executive director of Linden Educational Services, where he spent a decade researching new markets for boarding schools across the globe and facilitating strategies, programming, and recruitment tours.

Prior to Linden, John directed enrollment and student affairs offices at boarding schools and universities. He is well known for his lectures and presentations and can often be found speaking at national conferences for heads, deputy heads, and enrollment professionals across the globe. His extensive knowledge of trends and nuances in global student markets has allowed him to lead the admissions charge into countless countries and create demand for secondary schools with boarding programs. 

John typically visits, researches, and develops connections with schools, organizations, and government officials in 40 to 50 countries each year. He obtained his degrees in both the United States and France.

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