Director Human Resources & Organizational Development
Shilpi joined EMA in December 2021 and as an HR leader envisions to create an employee culture that is inclusive, enriched, and engaged. She brings in a globally diversified perspective in terms of her education and past work experiences. Before coming to EMA. Shilpi has experience working as an HR professional in manufacturing, service, warehouse, and a state agency.

For most of the last 11 years of her career, Shilpi worked at an agency that built and renovated public schools in New Jersey.  She takes pride in making a difference in the lives, outlook, dreams, and aspirations of our future generation.

Shilpi is PHR certified and is currently pursuing her master's degree in Organizational Development and Change Management from Penn State University.

Shilpi is a strong believer in destiny and living every day like there is no tomorrow. In her spare time, Shilpi likes to write poetry and dance.

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