Lauren Lewis
Senior Associate Director of Enrollment and Director of Inclusion and Diversity
Foxcroft School
Matt Lai
Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management
Avenues Silicon Valley
Marilyn Flores
Senior Associate Director of Admission Operations
Worcester Academy
Meg Shannon
Assistant Director of Admission
Boston University Academy
Ray Cross
Director of Enrollment Management
St. Andrew's School

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The Character Skills Snapshot:
Impact in Action

“We feel we have a better idea of who our kids are. The content of our conversations evolved.” Lakeside School (WA) discusses how The Character Skills Snapshot ensures a more holistic admissions process.

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Upcoming Events

EMA COVID-19 Report Webinar: "The Next Normal" Experts Weigh In On Schools of the Future

2:00 – 3:00pm ET
Join us on June 3 at 2:00 pm ET to hear the experts discuss disruptive strategies that will inform the schools of the future while solving the problems of today.

Reframing and Leading Diversity Through and After COVID-19

A Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Online Course led by Dr. Derrick Gay for Independent School Enrollment Leaders.

Admission Leadership Council Seminar Series

April 23–June 9
The Admission Leadership Council (ALC) offers a set of regional seminars each year to bring the trends to you. Each seminar features a keynote speaker and an update on member services.

People of Color Affinity Meetup

4:00pm ET
Join EMA’s Admission Professionals of Color Committee for an hour to connect, engage, check-in and provide support through this time.

What Our Members Say

Ginny Bachman
Director of Admission & Financial Aid
St. Luke’s School (CT)

“The Student Application Online is a game-changer. We receive all parts of the application in a more streamlined fashion, can customize components for our different divisions, and have seamless processing with our backend enrollment management system."

Julie Anderson
Head of School
Cheshire Academy (CT)

EMA’s Heads Institute was one of the most gratifying professional development experiences I have had in my career.  My sincere thanks to all who collaborated to make the conference such a meaningful experience.

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