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Our vision is to champion transformational education journeys. Our tools and resources provide essential insights so schools can empower students to seamlessly navigate their unique paths to success.

EMA CEO Heather Hoerle and members posing on stage for an award.

Together, let's champion transformational education journeys.

EMA was founded in 1957 as the Secondary School Admission Test Board (SSATB). Changing our name in 2016 was the catalyst of our brand evolution. As the Enrollment Management Association, our name rightfully emphasizes the importance of sustainable enrollment strategies. We are the leading resource dedicated to helping independent school leaders with their enrollment needs.

Most know us for pioneering the gold-standard SSAT, administered to 50,000 potential students each year. We have since evolved beyond traditional testing services, offering timely data, insights, and digital solutions to help sustain the independent schools of the future. We've grown from admissions professionals to a vast network of experts and advocates—developing the industry-standard Character Skills Snapshot, leadership tools like Learning Pass, and first-rate recruitment resources, like the Standard Application Online and Student Prospect List.

Here's how we empower you for success.

It’s our mission to provide unparalleled leadership and service in meeting the admission assessment and enrollment needs of schools, students, and families.

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Get personalized support and leadership development.

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Connect with a vast network of experts and professionals.

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You and your students and families get expert guidance through the full enrollment journey.

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Receive compelling insights and comprehensive knowledge.

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EMA addresses your specific needs and advocates for your success.

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Earn and keep your seat at the school leadership table.

We’re stronger by association.

We support more than 1,200+ independent schools across the globe, empowering both school leaders and students to navigate their journey toward success. This path is unique and requires transformational support at every stage that evolves with them as they learn, grow, and shape the future.

It's time to champion transformational education journeys. Let's do it together.

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See what admissions professionals have to say about EMA.

"What brings me to EMA as a member is collaborative professional development. It's the idea that we are all in this together, whether it be data gathering or resource sharing, or professional development; EMA encompasses all those things and allows enrollment management professionals to have a centering of where they're at, both at their school and also at their larger communities."

Keenan Kurihara
Keenan Kurihara
VP of Enrollment Management and Chief Communications Officer, CA
Lasalle College Prep (CA)

"The Learning Pass is filled with so many amazing hidden gems. Originally we had subscribed to Learning Pass because we were in a state of lockdown, and nobody could travel for professional development. The main reason why I love Learning Pass is because of the small tangible pieces that I can do when I have the time. Anybody in the admissions field can relate to that. Time is precious and few, and far between. So, being able to log in and pick a course, take 30-45 minutes of small sessions, and go back to rewatch it is unique. I had explored other programs, but nothing else had the variety that the Learning Pass has."

Victoria Kimball
Victoria Kimball
Associate Director of Admissions, Keys School, CA
Keys School (CA)

"Because we've used the Snapshot over a number of years, it continues to reveal itself to us that it's really a tool that can help us determine where we can help students grow and thrive.”

Victoria Muradi
Victoria Muradi
Director of Strategic Initiatives
Durham Academy (NC)

“As one of the oldest private boarding schools in the U.S., Fryeburg Academy is honored to work with EMA to diversify our student population from international and domestic regions. The ideas, insights, and brainstorming during the annual conference have helped us think out of the box and find innovative ways to enrich our enrollments.”

Yuanmin Ethan Wang
Yuanmin Ethan Wang
Director of International Partnerships, Recruitment & Events, FRYEBURG ACADEMY, ME
Fryeburg Academy
Members of the EMA marketing team posing for an photo at an annual conference reception.

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