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Students can now take at home computer based SSAT testing. Only available in the U.S. and Canada for Middle and Upper Level.

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At-Home Testing. Same SSAT.

It’s time to reimagine the future of testing — and EMA is at the forefront with the SSAT at Home, a new at-home administration of the SSAT. Supported with artificial intelligence and human proctors, the SSAT at Home has the same content, length, and quality of the traditional SSAT while allowing families to manage health and safety concerns related to COVID-19.

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Admissions professionals need an equitable way to assess applicants, regardless of their background or experience.

Since 1957, the SSAT has been their indispensable solution. 

Developed by EMA to standardize the admissions testing process, the SSAT measures the basic verbal, math, and reading skills students need for favorable performance in independent schools. It has proven to be an exceptionally valid indicator of first-year student success.

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Without a reliable test of cognitive skills,

it is impossible to compare applicants from a variety of diverse backgrounds.

EMA administers The SSAT
to more than 80,000 candidates each year.

Our testing experts continually monitor The SSAT to ensure it remains:


The SSAT is written and reviewed by independent school educators and content and testing experts. Every question goes through a rigorous standardized process of validation.


The SSAT’s scaled score reliability is higher than .90 (out of a possible 1.0) for both the verbal and quantitative sections and is approaching .90 for the reading section.


EMA offers millions of dollars in fee waivers for the SSAT and the SAO each year for students in need who are seeking educational opportunities with our member schools.


The processes and procedures for the SSAT’s administration are the same for every student at test sites around the world.

Quality test development requires

a rigorous scientific approach.

“The SSAT is critical to our work in the admission and financial aid offices. We have two merit scholarships tied to The SSAT, and our admission office appreciates the standardized data points The SSAT gives us when most of the other application data is student- or school-specific.”

Joshua Clark
Director of Admission
Hawai’i Preparatory Academy (HI)
Added Value

SSAT Customized Score Services

Want to get the most out of every SSAT score report you receive? EMA offers two services to provide you with customized information appropriate to your school's unique needs:

We help you establish a baseline with which to compare incoming applicant scores by testing the cognitive skills of current enrolled students.
Benchmarking Instructions



There are tons of multi-purpose options.
We develop a custom report that gives you a better understanding of where each applicant’s scores fall in relation to currently enrolled students and the previous year's applicant pool. 
How it Works


Applicant Comparison Data

There are tons of multi-purpose options.

Students can take the gold-standard test for independent school admission at a test center, on paper, or at home.

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Some of the Schools Benefitting From The SSAT

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Student Prospect List Success Stories

Nick Kent
Deputy Head of School
Jakarta Internacional School (Indonesia)

“Benchmark testing allowed us to know the range of kids we already had in the building and gave us a better idea of the students we are capable of serving. This informed us in a way that made our admission gateway even more open - a surprise to those who were worried that an admission assessment would limit admission.”
— Nick Kent, Deputy Head of School, Jakarta Internacional School (Indonesia)

Eric Barber, director of enrollment management at Crossroads, believes The Character Skills Snapshot will help level that playing field. It will also help us “differentiate our admission process from the competitor schools, in that we really are showing that we care about the entire brain and the entire kid, because that's who we are as a school.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SSAT at Home?
The SSAT at Home is the same standardized test as the SSAT but delivered on computer via a secure web application with continuous AI monitoring, data forensics and live remote proctoring. Students can take the SSAT at Home from the convenience of their homes rather than having to go to a test center.
Why is EMA offering the SSAT at Home?
At EMA, we are committed to supporting our members and families by offering innovative products and services, as well as supporting them with flexible, convenient, and safe computer-based test options. The SSAT at Home allows families a solution to test during the COVID-19 pandemic or any other situation that would prevent them from testing in a test center.
How is the SSAT at Home different from the paper-based SSAT?
The SSAT at Home is the same standardized test as the SSAT but delivered on computer via a secure web application with continuous AI monitoring, data forensics and live remote proctoring.
How will SSAT at Home scores be reported and how soon after testing?
SSAT at Home scores will be sent to both families and schools and posted in the same manner as the paper-based SSAT. Typically, scores will be released to schools (those indicated during the registration process) three business days after testing and released to families the following day.
Is this a permanent test option or will it have a limited timeframe?
The SSAT at Home will have limited test administrations available in July 2020 in order to help families still looking to apply to independent schools. It will become a permanent test option starting in August 2020.
Is there any difference in scoring between SSAT at Home versus paper-based SSAT?
No. This is still The SSAT. The scoring process and score scale will be exactly the same. The SSAT at Home will also go through an equating process.
What policies or safeguards will there be to ensure test integrity and security?
The SSAT will be conducted in a locked down web application with live, remote proctors, data forensics and artificial intelligence (AI), such as facial recognition technology, audio and video monitoring. Proctors will check the student's identity and monitor for any suspicious behavior. The AI will flag any possibilities for testing irregularities, including but not limited to attempting to take a picture, talking to other people or trying to open other applications.
What type of ID will students need to present and how will proctors confirm these documents?
Due to the age of our test takers, students will not need to present an ID. However, a photo will be taken of the test taker upon onboarding and that photo may be referenced in the event an irregularity is detected.
What accommodations will there be for students with disabilities, including students who require support services?
EMA will support students requiring testing accommodations just as with the paper-based SSAT.
Is the SSAT at Home test 24/7 or on a schedule?

The SSAT at Home will be offered every Saturday and one Sunday per month, beginning September 2020.

What type of devices can be used for home testing? Can it be taken on a smartphone? Can it be taken on a Mac computer?
PCs or Macs (laptops or desktops) with broadband internet and webcam capabilities can be used for home testing. Currently Chromebooks are not supported. Cell phones and tablets are not supported. Options will be made available to students who do not have access to computers.
What if I have technical issues during the testing?
Remote proctors will be available to assist students throughout testing. If any connection issues arise, the proctor and technical support will work with the student to get back online and continue the test. EMA will work with students if they experience a technology issue that prevents the completion of testing.
How do students sign up for the SSAT at Home?
Sign up for the SSAT at Home will be available through the SSAT test registration process on When a parent or guardian signs into their account, they will be able to register for the SSAT at Home. After purchase, they will be directed to PSI, our remote proctoring partner site, to select their student’s test date and time.
How will EMA deliver the SSAT at Home test?
The SSAT at Home is the same standardized test as the SSAT, but it is delivered digitally to test takers in the convenience of their homes. Delivered by our partner PSI, the SSAT will be administered via a secure web application with continuous AI monitoring, data forensics and live remote proctoring.
Is the testing fee different to take the SSAT at Home?
For students currently registered and waiting to take the SSAT through July 31, 2020, there is no fee to change your existing SSAT registration to the SSAT at Home. For the new testing year, beginning August 1, 2020, EMA remains committed to ensuring that our test fees are accessible. The fee will be $149.00 (compared to $144.00 for the previous year).
What about the Flex test? Is it still being offered?
The SSAT Flex test has been made available with requirements for test takers and proctors to follow all local COVID-19 guidelines. The SSAT Flex test will be available for the 2020-21 testing season.
How will EMA select who can take the limited administration in July?
Families who previously had registered for the SSAT, but were unable to test due to COVID-19 restrictions, will be the first permitted to schedule an SSAT at Home test in July 2020. Beginning August 1, 2020, we will open registration to other students.
How long is the SSAT at Home and how much time does it take to complete?
The SSAT at Home is the same format and length as the paper-based test, which is roughly three hours in length including breaks. Extra time will be required for check-in.
Will testing at a test center end with the addition of the at-home version?
Multiple testing modes are available for the SSAT during the 2020-2021 testing year. These options include the computer-based SSAT at Home, as well as paper-based and computer-based testing in test centers where local guidelines can safely be met.
Will the SSAT at Home be available in all countries or in limited areas?
The SSAT at Home will be available in the U.S. and Canada for the 2020-2021 testing year. Computer-based testing will be available at Prometric test centers in domestic and international locations where it is safe to reopen. Paper-based testing will also be available at schools and test centers in domestic and international locations where it is safe to reopen.
Are fee waivers available for the SSAT At Home?
Yes, test fee waivers may be used for any SSAT, including SSAT at Home, SSAT at Prometric Test Centers and the paper-based SSAT Flex test.
How is EMA ensuring access to the SSAT at Home for those who may not have a computer or internet access?
In these difficult times, EMA is working harder than ever to provide equal access to all individuals. If families do not have access to the equipment or resources required to take the SSAT at Home, they should email so we can support them and review all options.
How/when will students be able to learn about all that is required and the details of SSAT at Home?
When SSAT at Home is available, it will include a guide about the test, system requirements, as well test taking procedures and instructions. This will ensure families and students know what to expect before, during, and after testing.
How will students requiring accommodations support staff be accommodated during the SSAT at Home?
If your student requires or is approved for support staff for the SSAT at Home, such as a Reader, please contact EMA at EMA will guide you through requirements and rules.
What happens to existing test administrators and proctors? Can they become involved with the SSAT at Home and if so, how?
The SSAT at Home will be delivered and proctored by our trusted partner, PSI. If you are interested in supporting the SSAT at Home as a proctor, please contact us at Should opportunities become available, we will notify you.
How does the SSAT at Home affect consultants?
Consultants may resume flex testing where it is safe to do so following local guidelines.
Can EMA guarantee all of our applicants will be able to take the SSAT at Home?
EMA is working with our trusted partner PSI to ensure seats are available for all test takers who want to take the SSAT at Home. Looking at historical data trends, we’re planning to meet our capacity requirements, even during our busiest testing times of the year. Testing options will be available every Saturday and one Sunday every month.

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