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3 Reasons Why it’s Great to Be a Test Center

Hosting the SSAT enables schools to provide fair student assessments, showcase their campus, and expand access to independent education.


You're Performing a Valuable Service for Schools and Families

The SSAT offers a significant asset to decision-makers inside of a holistic assessment process by providing an objective, scientific measurement in an admission file (in addition to grades, recommendations, interviews, etc.). For many families, the paper-based SSAT is still a significant preference. Even with flexible options in SSAT test administration (at-home, computer-based and Prometric testing), students with disabilities who require testing accommodations may prefer or function better with paper-based testing.


You get a Chance to Show Off Your Campus

Every test you host brings families to your campus. Take advantage of it! Even if those families were not planning to apply to your school, they might fall in love with it during their visit. So, make sure your campus looks great on test day. While directly marketing your school to testers during testing isn’t an option, you can demonstrate your values by providing a comfortable waiting area for parents, such as in the library or admission office, and offering amenities like coffee or tea while they wait.


You are Increasing Access to an Independent School Education

Every time you give a test, you allow children in your area to begin the admission process. If you provide accommodations, you’re further increasing access for children (grades 3-12) who are looking for opportunities to demonstrate their cognitive skills (verbal, math, reading, and writing) to the schools to which they are applying.

Paper-Based Testing

The preferred option for many students because it resembles the classroom testing experience with students completing answer sheets and the writing sample in pencil. 

The Standard Test

Administered at authorized test centers on 6 designed SSAT test dates starting in October through April.

The Flex Test

Accessible to EMA members only to administer the SSAT on a flexible basis from August 1 to July 21.

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become a test center

Current EMA Member 

Without established Test Center 

Offer Standard and Flex Testing at a secure location with proper facilities to provide seating to at least 10 students

  1. ​Login to the Member Access Portal
  2. Select SSAT Testing
  3. Select Register a new test center
  4. After you submit the information, email 
become a test center

Not an EMA Member?

Register as an Independent  Test Center

EMA Membership not required to offer Standard Testing as an open test center, at a secure location with proper facilities to provide seating to at least 20 students. Standardized testing experience is highly recommended.

Please note, we are not equipped to provide you with a "one-off" test center designation, meaning we can only approve centers interested in serving as a test center for more than one student and on more than one test date.

The establishment of SSAT test centers is at the discretion of The Enrollment Management Association, based upon various criteria including whether there are substantial testing needs in a given location.


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