SSAT at Home

The gold-standard admission assessment available as an innovative, computer-based test taken in the comforts of home.

A boy on a laptop smiling at the camera.
A girl on a laptop taking the SSAT at Home.

Expanding the reach of admission assessments.

The SSAT at Home is an innovative approach to standardized admission testing that increases SSAT access by providing families with another option in addition to paper and Prometric testing.

Available to students in the United States and Canada taking the Middle and Upper Level SSAT, the at-home assessment delivers the same testing content, length, quality, and scoring of our other testing modes.

Safe and secure.

At-home testing is available for families with health and safety concerns related to COVID-19, or to any student where the convenience of taking the SSAT at Home outweighs the benefits of paper or Prometric testing. For example, students taking the SSAT more than once often appreciate the opportunity to minimize test-site travel.

The SSAT at Home is administered on a Mac or PC computer through a secure web application with continuous live remote proctoring and data forensics to ensure testing integrity. During the onboarding process, a photo of the student is taken and a scan of the testing room is conducted. Learn more about test-day preparation and system requirements.

A girl on her laptop and smiling for the camera.
A close-up image of hands typing on a laptop.

At-home testing equity.

Testing accommodations are available to students with disabilities taking the SSAT at Home. Schools can administer fee waivers to qualified students testing at home, and EMA provides Equity Tech Kits to those without a computer or internet access at home.

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